why this film?

The brave children featured in this film carry out this piece of art that denounces the cruelty executed by the United States government against migrant families by separating them and locking up children in prisons. Until now, that policy persists though masked in different ways, families continue to be seperated.
The U.S. government continues to lock up children, extreme levels of repression from ICE continue to persist, as we’ve seen most recently against the migrant Haitian community. Biden’s administration promised to reunite more than 3,000 thousand children to their families but this hasn’t happened yet.
The current Biden administration has acknowledged that thousands of children separated at the border during Trump’s “zero policy” era have not yet been reunified with their families, and claims that those responsible for Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy are “criminal” but has not made any plan to hold anyone accountable, continues to enable impunity at the border to happen.
Biden's administration has also re-opened several detention centers for minors, despite civil rights and human rights organizations pointing out cruelty and human rights violations.
But the seeds of hope are already planted.
We are Papalotl-Muyus.