Papalotl-Muyus < butterfly-seeds>
Papalotl ( náhuatl) Muyus (Quechua)

We believe that art and dance are powerful ways of healing and resisting impunity. The storyline of the dance-film is the story of the cycle of the “semilla” ( seed), representing that no matter where we go our roots connect us to our ancestors, to each other and  that we overcome impunity by cultivating, sprouting and growing life wherever we go. Artists, Dancers and Activists from The Semillas Collective, The “ Ñukanchik Llakta Wawakuna-Movimiento Cultural”, Dance To The People and KYR Children’s Theatre Program of the MayDay Space and Last Frontier NYC. Collaborated to produce a dance-film inspired by the, “lucha por la vida” ( struggle for the life of mother earth )the migrant struggle, highlighting the resilience of migrant communities and displaced refugees while expressing solidarity to the families and children detained at the border. As immigrants and children of immigrants, we chose to express our solidarity with the thousands of children & families being detained at the border via dance-film, a medium that is capable of reaching millions. All the children featured are P.O.C. from immigrant families with indigenous roots.


For a month we held dance workshops every weekend with parents, children, artists and dancers with a focus on discussing, decolonization, healing the trauma that lives in our bodies, reclaiming our indigenous roots, and learning about the struggles of indigenous communities who continue to put their lives on the line to defend mother earth. We also tried to implement the principles of the EZLN and the CNI to practice creating in collective. 

Decolonizing Contemporary Art

The dance that is featured through the dancers in the red dresses is the indigenous Mexica dance of "Corn", the dancers wear red, in solidarity with missing and murdered indigenous women. The contemporary choreography embedded through the film is the story of the life-cycle of a “seed” and during the antagonistic/conflict scenes we hear Trump's voice, this is where we see the children re-emerge as indigenous warriors wearing the traditional “atuendos” regalia of their ancestors in the final sound, we hear the words of Marichuy indigenous woman leader/ CNI vocera.


Directed By Daisy Bugarin Avila (Semillas Collective)
Written By The ancestors and a dream.
Co-Direction Pati Rodriguez (Mayday Children’s KYR Theater Coordinator)
Andino Dance Direction Monica Aviles (Ñukanchik LLakta Wawakuna-Movimiento Cultural Coordinator)
Dance Workshop Facilitator/Choreographer Maira Duarte Quiroga (Dance To The People) See Bio ⭢
Director of Sound and Original Score by Prana Rising See Bio ⭢
Director of Cinematography Mark Davis
Graphic Design Itzy Ramirez

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